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24H PEST PROST Georgia | The Difference Between American vs German Cockroach

Sep 22



Cockroaches are one of the most disgusting pests that we have in our homes. They can be very difficult to get rid of, and even if you do manage to kill them all they will just come back from their hiding places and swarm your home again.

There are two types of cockroaches that you might find in your home – American cockroaches and German cockroaches.

The American cockroach is the larger roach with a light brown color on its head while the german roach as known as kitchen roaches has a dark brown or black coloring on its head.

If you want to learn more about German vs American cockroach types, then keep reading!


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What's the difference between a German vs American cockroach?

On average almost 60% of the American population has had cockroaches. German and American cockroaches (palmetto bugs) are the most common form in our households invading our homes.

Elimination of unwanted animal species is effective when we determine which species lives in the room. Let's see the cockroaches which live in your home.

You can also see the type of cockroach you have when you are searching for them. Check the roaches' size and type species of roaches to determine which species is in the home.

For the exterminator, it is important to decide what methods to use to get rid of an infestation.

Discover what species of roaches you have in your home and how to kill them.

american vs german cockroach


American cockroaches of class P. Americana are bigger than German roaches like the German roaches from class B.

American cockroaches have a reddish-brown tint to them. Thorax margins appear to have faded to a yellowish-orange tint.

This pest grows 1.5 to 2-inch. Unlike adult American roaches, they don't fly and have a dark parallel line that runs from their backs to their wings.

Unlike other pests in the United States, these pests most common cockroach species have strong wings; thus, they do sometimes move around.


America's cockroaches love sweet foods, greases, and meat. They also ate books, breadcrumbs, soaps, and teeth. Coldblooded creature survives with food for up to months.

They can survive only for 1 week without water so they are free to eat everything without food or water.

The roaches especially love decaying plants such as leaves smaller insects, fungi, and leaves.

He eats anything available for him whether paper cloth or hair once they are in the house or under electrical or electric switches.

The pest species eat books toothpaste and other things like toothpaste and soaps.

Can cockroach eggs be killed?


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The female German cockroaches keep their eggs hidden until they hatch as that is their breeding habits.

Female American cockroaches have an alternative approach in placing capsules containing eggs on appropriate surfaces and filling gaps with a day when the embryos form.

Nonetheless, female American cockroaches carry only 800 offspring per year in contrast to around 230,000 of the nymphs that german raccoons produce annually.

The number of nymphs is already too much to deal with, however, it can reach 800 per year in the US.

German cockroach eggs contain a capsule of eggs dubbed which are attached to surfaces such as walls and ceilings.


Pests are attracted at warmer locations - beneath appliances and under appliance housing. They have found their hideout in open spaces in the wall.

Pests get inside by clamoring at infested locations with packs and backpacks.

Both American cockroaches and German cockroaches spend much of their time in sewers, utility rooms, crawl spaces, attics and storm drains, where they come into touch with a wide range of hazardous germs.

Typically these pests can be discovered living in damp spaces like crawl spaces and basements which often contain sewer systems and a basement.


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