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End of The Year House Cleaning Strategies

Sep 28

It's finally here! Your annual deep clean.

It is worth it. There is a way to get through it much easier.

The good news is that homeowners have many options to optimize the cleanliness of your home. They have many home cleaning Redmond Oregon tips that they can use before hiring a house cleaner.

What are the best ways to speed up deep cleaning? How can you speed up deep cleaning your home so you don't spend days slaving over a long task list?

Keep reading for more information. We will be covering some tips to help you make cleaning easier.

  1. You can empty your rooms

When you are constantly interrupted by a shelf, it can make deep cleaning much more difficult. This can frustrate you as the possibility of additional work can catch you off guard.

You can get rid of all your clutter by clearing out your rooms before you start cleaning. Remove all furniture from the room if you can. Roll up your rugs. You may even need to take down the curtains.

It's now time to empty out your storage areas. As you are cleaning out your home, make a temporary place in your home for your belongings. You may want to take your cars out of the garage and move them into the garage.

Clear as much of your home as possible for a full day. Since residents still need to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom, it is unlikely you can clean out your whole home. It will increase your chances of deep cleaning your home.

  1. Each Room: Perform a Task

You don't have to clean every room in your house. While you may feel satisfied when your bathroom is clean, it's not the best way to get your house in order. However, the sheer amount of rooms that you have left will make you feel less satisfied as you move on.

It can take some time to find and place the right equipment/cleaning materials. Do you really need to rush to the basement when you're done vacuuming or dusting furniture. Do you want to streamline your cleaning?

Instead, focus on one task at the time and complete it in every room before moving on. This will allow you to feel less overwhelmed by deep cleaning.

  1. Heavy-Duty Laundry Day

There are likely to be many linens, sheets and curtains in your home that need washing. If your home is not cleaned regularly, it could collect excessive dirt and debris which can lower indoor air quality and cause respiratory problems.

Allocate a day for your laundry. This may be quite a task depending on the size of your house and residents' preference for luxurious comfort. You can also prepare other parts of the deep cleaning plan for your home while your washers or dryers are running.

You can also throw in your weekly clothes while you are at it! This will help you to clear out your home. After they have dried completely, you can fold them up and put them away until you are ready to put them back up.

  1. Focus on the Organization

It's possible to just return your items and not pay any attention to their organization. All that matters is that they are in a clean place.

Even though you have disinfected and cleaned surfaces, it is important to organize your belongings and keep them clean. You will be able to find your belongings quickly and easily by organizing them. You will also be more organized in the long-term.

This involves going through your stuff and sorting them out to determine what you should keep, donate, or throw away. You will then be able to identify the most important items and determine what can go in the attic or donated. For maximum organization, shelf dividers and organization aids may be of benefit to you.

  1. Regular Maintenance

Although these tips will assist you in deep cleaning your home, it is important to clean and maintain your home regularly. This will make deep-cleaning easier and enable you to continue living comfortably after the clean is done.

It is easy to clean your bathrooms and kitchens at least once a week. Vacuuming/mopping your flooring in your home and taking part in laundry day are also important.

However, you might be able to benefit from seasonal furniture moving and cleaning difficult-to-reach areas. It is also possible to reorganize your shelves every month.

Even if you're planning to tackle a deep clean, don't forget these tasks. It's possible to clock in the time you lost before you do that deep clean for that end of the year polish.

The more grime you have, the more difficult it will be to get rid. This could make it worse than if you hadn't addressed the mess/grease earlier. You'll make it more difficult to clean up if you wait to tackle uncleanliness.

Deeper Cleaning Tips:

Your house cleaning doesn't have be a difficult task. If you have the right tools and knowledge, you can clean your home quickly and efficiently.  is a company that has extensive knowledge about how to maintain a clean home. For homeowners looking to refresh their home, we offer premium maid service. Call us today to schedule house deep cleaning!


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